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RABBI ELCHANAN ABERGEL, Founder and Kashrut Supervisor

Rabbi Elchanan Abergel is a well-known spiritual leader in Philadelphia’s Sefardi community and Rabbi of Congregation Dibrot Eliyahu in Northeast (Rhawnhurst) Philadelphia. He learned Nikkur from Rabbi Itach in Jerusalem and is trained to certify kashrut for hindquarters. 

Born in Jerusalem in 1979, Rabbi Abergel received semicha for shechita (Kosher slaughter) at age 19, semicha for rabbinate at 23 and for Brit Milah at 24. He received semicha from Chief Rabbi of Israel Mordechai Eliyahu, Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Shalom Mashash, Rabbi Eliezer Yehuda Waldenberg “Tzitz Eliezer” and other prominent rabbis. Rabbi Abergel also is a posek (a rabbi qualified to decide complicated Halachic questions) on Hilchot Nidah (laws of family purity) and other topics.

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