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Rabbi Chein obtained in 1980 the Rabbinical Certification. Two years later, he got the certificates as a Shochet u Bodek , Sofer and Mohel . He worked in Israel for “Maof” poultry slaughter house and “Marbek” beef slaughter house as a Shochet u Bodek in Kyriat Malachi Beer Tuvia, Israel.

In 1987, he immigrated to America and worked for more than a decade in “Falls Poultry” Chicken Slaughter house under the supervision of OU and Start K. Later on, he worked for “Weiss Packing” and Agri-processing beef slaughter houses under the supervision of OU, KAJ, CHK .

Also he has a variety experience in the agricultural, processes product and winery domain. With more than 3 decades as a respectable and worldwide well recognized Shochet, Mohel, Sofer, teacher and Rabbi of a Congregation, Not only Rabbi Chein has a deep Torah knowledge and a worldwide broad practical experience but also his devotion and God fearing qualities make him a trustworthy and a Key person in the kosher world that give to our institution and our customers a confidence of a strict level of kosher standard.

In 1996, Rabbi Chein founded, certifying food and wine products for Jewish communities abroad, particularly in the Republic of Georgia. 

In 2010-2015 Rabbi Chein worked for Teva Meats in California as a kashrut supervisor and shochet and bodek for the Orthodox Union. 

In 2018 he received ordination to perform chuppah and kidushin from the Chief Rabbi of Israel, R' Dovid Lau. The same year, in Jerusalem he received ordination to perform Jewish divorces from R' Eliyahu Abergel, head of Avot Bet Din of Jerusalem. He is currently serving as an acting member of "Chok Natan" (New York Bet Din). Rabbi Chein continues to serve as a Rabbi and Dayan in the Queens, New York communities.

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