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RABBI HAIM ITACH, Chief Manaker and Shochet

Rabbi Haim Itach, a knowledgeable, well-respected shochet (kosher slaughterer) and manaker (kosher butcher) since 1985, has worked with the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, and with Sefardi and Ashkenazi Batei Din throughout Israel. He also has brought these skills to Europe, South America, Australia and China.  Now, with the launch of King of Fillet, he is bringing Nikkur (the art of removing forbidden fats and nerve) to kosher clients in the United States. 

Rabbi Itach was born in Morocco in 1958, and made aliyah in 1972.  He learned at several yeshivas in Israel and received semicha for rabbanut, shechitah and milah from Rabbi Yehuda Tzadkah, Chief Rabbi of Israel Mordechai Eliyahu and Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Shalom Mashash. He also taught at Yeshiva Or Hachayim and other yeshivot in Jerusalem. 

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